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Intuitive, easy-to-use, bespoke content 

management solutions

Intuitive, easy-to-use software solutions to take your business to another level

iBuild Solutions work with you to design, develop and maintain innovative applications that can make sense of information overload, streamline your data management and add value to your existing processes.


01 / Secure

advantum provides a secure repository, allowing organisations to control the creation & management of documents, processes and information. Comprehensive audit trail, versioning and relationship management ensure adherance to standards in content creation and handling, whilst advanced meta-data handling guarantees all relevant information is stored against content.

02 / Collaborative

Workflows support the automatic routing of information through the organisation and can be used to ensure business processes are followed as well as enhancing collaboration between users. Automatic processing, decisioning, event triggers and notifications can be used to ensure the right information is available to the right individuals at the right time.

03 / Flexible

advantum is 100% configuration-based, providing a completely flexible platform for the design & implementation of customised Information Management Systems. This configuration-based approach drastically reduces development times associated with building bespoke solutions and allows Customers to easily modify applications themselves in the event of changes in business processes.

Using Advantum



iBuild Systems is a specialist Technology & Professional Services Consultancy providing innovative Information Management and Workflow Solutions that can be installed quickly, configured easily and adapt to changing requirements.


iBuild has a proven history in the Design, Implementation & Support of Electronic Content Management Systems (ECMS) and Business Process Mapping Solutions across a range of industries, including Financial Services, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals and Securities. 


iBuild believe that any technical solutions should be intuitive, easy to use and should make improvements to users working lives.


Specialising in designing and implementing solutions using the advantum Information Management System, iBuild are able to offer solutions that are 100% configuration-based, significantly reducing the costs normally associated with the implementation of Enterprise-wide bespoke systems, and empowering Clients to be self-sufficient post Go Live.


iBuild Systems is UK Technology Partner for the advantum Information Management System. Working closely with InfoTech Scandinavia, the vendors of advantum, iBuild is able to offer Clients completely bespoke Information Management Solutions that are 100% configuration based, quick to design, develop and install, and that can easily be amended to reflect changes in business process.


Please see below for further details regarding the advantum Information Management System.



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